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January 14, 2019  

A chat with @Mrinal, CTO of (@Ockam_io)

I recently had a chat with Ockam CTO Mrinal Wadhwa about their offerings, and we had a super interesting discussion. 

Ockam has created tools and open sourceed them (with an Apache 2.0 license). You can find far more info as well as code snippets on their Github page. The tools allow you to create cryptographically signed DiDs (decentralised ID's) for Internet of Things devices, to register the devices on a blockchain, and to allow them to securely share information.

If you are in the IoT space, especially if you are trying to make connected devices you need to listen to/watch this interview!

The podcast is a tad long at 45 minutes, but I was loath to cut any of it off because it is all good stuff!


A video of our chat is also available on Youtube - check out the video particularly if you are interested in seeing the code Mrinal was writing